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Urban Hanging Chandelier by Uncovet

With modern décor, classic chandeliers have a tendency to look out of place. It is difficult to compliment the ornate sophistication which they ooze against a minimal backdrop. This Urban Hanging Chandelier by Uncovet bridges this gap, warmly welcoming the chandelier into the 21st century. The fixture consists of multiple light bulbs which are hung from reclaimed plywood. The plywood itself is hung from the ceiling with thick metal chains. The result is an industrialised light fixture that would look great in an urban inspired room. The product is enhanced further with the light bulbs being an array of shapes and sizes. This makes the item visually more appealing and will also create wonderful effects with light. The ambitious task of tackling a classic has been pulled off perfectly with this modern take on the chandelier.





Isom Glass Table – Sebastian Scherer

Berlin designer Sebastian Scherer created these coloured hexagonal coffee tables using 10 millimetre glass sheets.  The use of geometrical design is an homage to the designer’s belief in futuristic minimalism with a difference. The difference with this design comes through the interaction between the transparency and the angles. Depending on your perspective, it can be difficult to visualise the actual composition of the table. It gets better when multiple tables are used together. The geometry means that they can fit together perfectly and the optical illusion they create reinstates faith in the progressiveness of modern design.

Find out more about Sebastian Scherer and his designs at www.sebastianscherer.com