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The Round Window

The photo above has given me a severe case of window envy. I absolutely love the use of the circular window in this home. Perhaps this is an expression of my deep yearning to live on a submarine, but I find round windows to be far more effective than the standard rectangular ones. They are visually more interesting as they don’t follow the contours of typically straight building structures. This makes them more of a focal point. I’m very fond of the axis-like opening that this particular window has too. It could be slightly dangerous for passersby outside, but sometimes aesthetics should come well above health and safety…


Glass Milk Carton


This glass milk carton from Rockett St George is one of those useful and quirky products. The design is based on the retro style half pint milk cartons and adds a subtle individuality to the breakfast table.

Cooking On Glass: The Revolutionary Toaster

This glass toaster, from product developers Inventables, is one of those inventions which you shouldn’t be living without. The ability to see the progress of your toast and avoid burning seems like the best thing since…well, lets not go there. The design is beautifully stripped back, whilst the practicality is immense.