Cloche Lamp SS13

Portable lamps aren’t something that you see too many of. The ability to transfer your light source from place to place is not something which is deemed necessary in the world of lamp design. There is a rare gem though, in this portable lamp from Plumo. The lamp is designed to be moved around and has a lengthy cord which means you can hang the lamp around anything close by. I especially like this product because the actual lamp has been upcycled from pretty, retro jars. It’d be as great an addition to a car garage as it would to a modern, industrial flat. Attractive, handy and good for the environment – this lamp has it all.


Turning Water into Wine – Revolution Water Wine Glass S-2

These glasses from Fab are a great idea if you’re low on cupboard space, or if you just hate washing multiple glasses at the end of a night. The glass has been designed so that you can fill the smaller end with wine (or the larger end, depending on your alcohol dependency), then when you’ve finished, just flip the glass over and fill the deeper end with water. The design is theoretically great, and the design is quite attractive. Overcome problems with hygiene (where has the rim of the bottom glass been?) and the likelihood of dripping wine, and you’re on to a winner!

West Elm Greenhouse Terrarium

If you lack the garden space to have a greenhouse, or don’t have a garden at all, West Elm may have the answer for you. These clever terrarium greenhouses are a miniature version for indoor use. As well as being aesthetically quite cool, they are also excellent for keeping plants within as the increased moisture means that they don’t have to be watered as often.

The greenhouses don’t necessarily have to be used for plants either. I think that they look good empty, but ultimately you can put anything inside of them, like a bell jar.

Friday Table Lamp by Richard Dienes

German designer, Richard Dienes, has created this pendant lamp using tinted blown glass and pressed aluminium. The lamp is unique in that it can be utilised both as a suspending pendant lamp and a table lamp.

I love the look of the raw simplicity of the lamp with the rugged decor in the photo above. If you’re a fan of industrial interiors, this is a must have item.

Recycled Glasses Lenses

These necklaces from Green Issues by Aggy are a great way of recycling old glasses lenses. All that you need to create an original piece like this is an old pair of glasses and wire. You can be as inventive as you like with the actual design on the lenses, as wire is malleable enough to twist and turn. There are two demonstrations here on how to complete the designs above. I really like this as a use for lenses and think that it makes very unique necklaces. It’d be great with alternative lenses too, such as circular ones.

Physics Pitcher by Dot & Bo

Last week I featured a post on Pipette Vinegar Bottles that were inspired by chemistry. This water pitcher by Dot & Bo is designed in a similar vein. It uses a function inspired by science experiments to pump water through a tube where it is dispensed into a glass at the other end. This simple mechanism produces a sleek water dispenser that will get people talking at the dinner table. Dot & Bo suggest that the dispenser can be used for alternative liquids too, such as mouthwash. It would have quite a cool ‘lab’ feel to it if neon green mouthwash was stored within.

The Maastricht Treat: H House by Wiel Arets Architects

This house in the leafy area of Maastricht, Netherlands is one of the coolest glass houses that I’ve seen. Designed by Wiel Arets Architects, the house consists of interior and exterior walls made entirely of opaque and transparent glass.

The differing opacity of the glass means that different lighting effects are created within the house dependent on the time of day and what season it is. Curtains in the house add to this effect and also offer a degree of privacy.

There are a few rectangular columns inside the house which are used to support the structure of the two concrete slabs that the house is built upon. They are situated so as to not disrupt the minimal feel of the interior.

The house was designed for an actor and a dancer who work together as landscape architects. The garden at the back of the house is a perfect place for them to carry out this work. The garden is occasionally open to the public too.


Yoko Light by Anderssen & Voll

One item that I loved from the Milan Furniture Fair 2013 was the Yoko light by Anderssen & Voll. The shade is based upon a bath bubble and provides the lamp with a gentle, almost ephemeral look. The pastel colours work really well with the soft design too. Fortunately, the lamp bubble won’t be bursting any time soon. Look how cool it looks in the home:


Quirky Glass Vases

When it comes to designing a unique vase, the one thing you want to avoid is making the vase the focal point. After all, the purpose of a vase is quite simply to hold flowers. This is why glass works perfectly. The transparency is not overbearing and it also allows you to see the entirety of the flowers. This doesn’t mean that glass vases cannot have a certain quirkiness about them. Just take look at the three original and understated vases below:

I love this DIY Light Bulb Vase designed by Tim Park. There’s something about the shape of a classic light bulb that is timelessly elegant. Transforming a light bulb into a vase is a simple and cheap way of creating a unique item from something which would otherwise be thrown away. You can follow steps on how to create the vase here

As with the light bulb vase, this SOB (Save Our Bottles) vase is another example of recycling items in an innovative way. Human Republic wanted to make a use of plastic bottles which are so often used and thrown away. This is the beautifully simple creation which they came up with.

The Tourbillon Vase by French studio designers A+A cooren is simple, but very clever. The inner vessel of the vase is a spiralling vortex, which looks like water corkscrewing to the bottom of the vase. As in the photo above, I think that the vase works well against the strength of decorative twigs. I think that the vase works well by itself too – the inner illusion is strong enough to make it work.

Wheel It Out: Tour Table

Gae Aulenti’s ‘Tour Table’ has a four foot square sheet of glass balanced on four bicycle wheels to create a rather unique looking table. When I first saw this table, I couldn’t really imagine it looking anything but novel in an interior. The photo below, however, shows that it can fit in perfectly against industrial decor. Bike wheels and brick walls go well it seems…