Quirky Glass Vases

When it comes to designing a unique vase, the one thing you want to avoid is making the vase the focal point. After all, the purpose of a vase is quite simply to hold flowers. This is why glass works perfectly. The transparency is not overbearing and it also allows you to see the entirety of the flowers. This doesn’t mean that glass vases cannot have a certain quirkiness about them. Just take look at the three original and understated vases below:

I love this DIY Light Bulb Vase designed by Tim Park. There’s something about the shape of a classic light bulb that is timelessly elegant. Transforming a light bulb into a vase is a simple and cheap way of creating a unique item from something which would otherwise be thrown away. You can follow steps on how to create the vase here

As with the light bulb vase, this SOB (Save Our Bottles) vase is another example of recycling items in an innovative way. Human Republic wanted to make a use of plastic bottles which are so often used and thrown away. This is the beautifully simple creation which they came up with.

The Tourbillon Vase by French studio designers A+A cooren is simple, but very clever. The inner vessel of the vase is a spiralling vortex, which looks like water corkscrewing to the bottom of the vase. As in the photo above, I think that the vase works well against the strength of decorative twigs. I think that the vase works well by itself too – the inner illusion is strong enough to make it work.


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