The Moving Glass Ceiling

Grand architecture has long been adorned with overarching stained glass ceilings. They beautify buildings, whilst also generating a lot of natural light when the sun filters through the coloured panels. The beauty and light work in harmony to create a poignant focal point for visitors.

The most impressive stained glass ceiling which I have personally stood beneath is the one at Printemps department store in Paris. Eating in the restaurant below the majestic Art Nouveau dome was an affecting experience, fully enhanced by the vivid light glowing through the multi-coloured glass panels.

Like the dome of Printemps, the Wintertuin dome in the Ursulines Institute in Belgium is also an enchanting illustration of Art Nouveau design. This is one of the most beautiful, understated examples of glass design, in a building which still serves as a school.

Despite the alterations in architecture, glass ceilings can still be relevant features in modern buildings. One way of incorporating a glass ceiling into design is to make the ceilings between floors out of transparent glass. The ability to see between different tiers compliments modern minimalism and is perfect for creating an illusion of greater space.






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